Imagine yourself PLAYING guitar, FREELY.
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THE ONLY course in the WORLD 100% focused on RUNS

The course is PERFECT for you if:

You always dreamed of playing  guitar in a FREE and sophisticated way

You have little time to practice electric guitar

You hate boring, confusing (sleepy) classes

You believe that you weren’t “born with the gift” to play the  guitar’s arm quickly or freely

You like gradual methods that make you improve in every class

You are able to play a bit of a solo, but feels “stuck” and not enough fluid on the guitar

You want to practice and improve guitar in your own schedule

You need a simple and effective step-by-step class. Here we have 23 GRADUAL and INFALLIBLE steps

Who is Heitor Castro?

Heitor Castro is a renowned music teacher with over 30 years of experience, awarded and reputable by the media, as the number 1 reference in  music e-learning in Brazil.






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Renowned companies trust the work of Heitor Castro. The only teacher in Brazil that is sponsored by Yamaha, Elixir and Edifier, all together.

[Free Vídeo] See how the concept of HORIZONTALIZATION works with this FREE CLASS!

In this video I will prove that it doesn’t matter your age, knowledge, education – none of that matters – all you need now is to get your electric guitar and I will give you a FULL lesson from the course!

It’s not a 5-minute YouTube class. IT’S A COMPLETE CLASS! Real content for you to get to know Heitor Castro’s award-winning didactics.

I promise you that at the end of this video you will be connecting scale drawings and playing in a more ORGANIC and FLUID way.

Exclusive: Electric Guitar Horizontalization

Unique course in Brazil and in the WORLD

Revolutionary teaching method created by Heitor Castro, in the 90s, after his arrival from the United States to Brazil.

The teaching method applied to the Electric Guitar, Guitar and Functional Harmony courses is so exclusive and unique, that goes beyond theory and practice (found in common courses). Its main pillar is MOTIVATION! Keeping students motivated 100% during the entire course.

Heitor Castro created his own didactic material and study methodology (unlike anything you’ve ever seen), which has been increasingly improving over the decades. Today, HEITOR CASTRO is the leading music educator in Brazil.

Exclusive: Electric Guitar Horizontalization

The only course in the WORLD 100% focused on ELECTRIC GUITAR RUNS

To simplify your life and accelerate your evolution, the Triad Method is divided into 5 extremely complete modules, all with step by step classes, totaling more than 20 hours of content.

They are TWENTY-THREE GRADUAL and INFALLIBLE steps that will change the way you play the guitar. GUARANTEED.

Module 1

This is the module where you ‘enter’ the world of Horizontalization. We will start in a completely GRADUAL way. We will focus on runs with breaks between them and more intuitive metrics. In addition, the focus of modules 1 and 2 will always be in the key of G, so that we have a very solid and secure reference base.

Module 2

Now, you will learn the electric guitar Runs without pauses and the visualisation you have of the electric guitar’s arm will begin to be EXPANDED. We will work with super-musical and ‘applicable’ exercises, creating complete loops from strings 5 and 4. You will no longer have ‘favorite’ positions, let’s disintegrate these crutches and give you wings!

Module 3

We will open the LOOPS starting from all the strings. You will experience freedom in the arm of the electric guitar that will CHANGE the way you play. At the end of this module, we will start to apply the ideas that we made solid in modules 1 and 2, but now in other keys.

Module 4

We will present to you new BRIDGES between the shapes. The movements will become more fluid and natural through the use of PULL-OFFS and HAMMER-ONS to make the ideas more organic. This strategy was adopted with all force in this course because it makes SPEED possible even for people who do not have such a sharp electric guitar picking technique. You will be amazed by your own results.

Module 5

Here, we will work more on the ideas with CHROMATISMS and we will get a glimpse of JAZZ and FUSION taste. At this stage of the course, not only you, but OTHERS will already notice that something has palpably changed in the way you play.

We will combine elements seen in the previous modules and work on FLUENCE in an INTENSE way, as you probably never did.

Prepare for an Original and TRANSFORMER course.


Watch it where you want and when you want

How does access to course classes work?

Reproduzir vídeo

Watch the video and see how it is really quick and simple to access our Students Area in all courses by Heitor Castro (Electric Guitar, Guitar, Harmony, Sheet Music etc). Note that all the contents are extremely organized and structured, in a way that you can fully learn step by step, from start to finish, the connection techniques and all the visualization tricks, to never feel lost on the ELECTRIC GUITAR’S arm again!

Exclusive Benefits


Market leader with more than 63 thousand students. The most recommended course for those who dream of playing an electric guitar solo freely.


The Only course in the WORLD 100% focused on electric guitar ‘RUNS’. There are over 30 hours of extremely high quality content, completely step-by-step.


“Call us”, simple as that. My goal is to see your RESULT, so your success is my goal.


The only course on the market that focuses 100% on student motivation! Anyone can go a long way with our 23 gradual steps. .


Learn how to horizontalize the electric guitar from the very first class.


Clear, objective, easy to understand and extremely organized classes.


The only course in the WORLD 100% focused on electric guitar ‘RUNS’.


Super active community, where everyone makes commentaries, helps, gives ideas.This community alone is worth thousands of reais


You will have access to an exclusive and private members area where you can access all of our content 24 hours a day.


The great advantage of an online course is that you can watch and rewatch classes as many times as you like, even with LITTLE TIME. Besides the fact that you won’t depend on anyone’s schedule to start.


Full access to the course, forever, with everything, you can study without haste and always use the support!


For the first 30 Days, if you want to cancel (no matter the reason), it takes only a single email and your money is 100% refunded, no questions asked, no paperwork.

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Real people with real results (and you'll be next!)

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Full Course How to Play Horizontally on the Guitar
Full Course How to Play Horizontally on the Guitar
Price: US$ 49,00
Price: US$ 49,00
 Constant updates + Lifetime access to the course
Constant updates + Lifetime access to the course
Price: US$ 19,00
Price: US$ 19,00
Over 200 Backingtracks Categorized by Key and BPM
Over 200 Backingtracks Categorized by Key and BPM
Price: US$ 19,00
Price: US$ 19,00
Complete and Updated Handouts
Complete and Updated Handouts
Price: US$ 19,00
Price: US$ 19,00


US$ 106,00

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So, I want you to test and try the course, in practice, for 7 days (without obligation) and have guaranteed results! That’s right, you did not misread. You will have free access to my course for a week, to take classes, ask me questions,  participate in the private community, download the complete materials etc. And if within that period, for whatever the reason,you do not feel completely satisfied, just send me only 1 (one) single email to ou WhatsApp (48) 99615-1406, that I will refund 100% of your money (every cent).

I swear I don’t ask you anything! It’s as simple as you think. And we will still be friends! I’m giving you
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Now, you basically have 3 options:

Option 1

Close this web page, ignoring everything you've seen so far and keep imagining the day that you will finally be able to play an electric guitar solo freely along the whole electric guitar's arm. Frustrating yourself trying to learn everything by yourself, looking for thousands of mismatched information or buying generic courses hoping that they are teaching you the right thing.

Option 2

You simply say that this is not for you , that you cannot give up on an equivalent amount of a cup of coffee a day, that it is impossible for you to play an electric guitar solo in a totally organic and fluid way and that you prefer to stay in the stands watching other people make their dream come true.

Option 3

You guarantee your place, knowing that your investment is covered by my armored guarantee, that is, with zero risk! You have free access to my course for 30 days to decide if the Electric Guitar Horizontalization Course with Heitor Castro is for you and place all the risk of this investment on my back. I guarantee you will not regret it!

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